Tips for Avoiding Medical Malpractice Risk

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Published on: March 21, 2014

In today’s litigious society, malpractice lawsuits are a constant risk for doctors. You may think that everyone is entitled to the occasional mistake, but that old adage doesn’t apply to doctors simply because a medical mistake could cost a life. But, surprisingly, most malpractice lawsuits are filed, not because of an error, but because of miscommunication. Therefore, all doctors, even the very best, should take steps to minimize their risk for malpractice claims. Get started with the following tips:

  • Build up trust: A patient who trusts his or her doctor is less likely to sue. To build that trust, thoroughly review a patient’s chart previous to an appointment so you’re informed before walking in the door. Electronic health records (EHRs) are coded with a timestamp that shows how long you spent reviewing a file, which can be damaging in court if you didn’t spend adequate time reading over the information before treatment.
  • Follow up: If a patient misses an appointment, a doctor’s practice should have protocols for following up with that patient to reschedule. This minimizes the risk of charges of neglect.

Though your risks may be few, they can still result in a lawsuit. Call Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance Agency at (415) 883-2525 for more information on California malpractice insurance.

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