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California Liability Insurance for Lawyers

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Published on: January 21, 2014

Professionals MeetingLawyers work closely with their clients, gathering very personal details with which they build cases upon in preparation for trials. This puts lawyers and law firms at a unique risk for loss or corruption of sensitive information and legal records. Errors and omissions insurance (E&O), also known as legal liability insurance, is designed to protect legal professionals from this risk and from litigation associated with data loss, negligence or failure to produce results due to negligence.

Some risks that lawyers may be liable for include:

  • Identity theft of clients
  • Misplaced legal documents
  • Loss or corruption of files due to hacking
  • Forensic and crisis management expenses after a loss
  • Failure to perform a job properly

Though these instances do not frequently occur, they do happen and they can add up to be extremely costly. E&O insurance is not required by law (though lawyers must inform clients if they carry this type of policy or not), but law firms would be wise to consider this specialized coverage for the specialized risks they face. Lawyers can best serve the public when they themselves are protected from charges of negligence or some other form of error that affected a client.

Without E&O insurance, a law firm may face financial ruin and a tarnished reputation in the event of an unfavorable legal malpractice judgment. The expenses incurred after just one incident could skyrocket well into the hundreds of thousands of dollar, possibly closing the doors of a law firm for good.

Lawyers are all too familiar with liability situations and should take steps to protect themselves from such cases as well. Policies range in price and coverage, and are offered to both law firms and individual lawyers. Contact your independent agent to learn more about E&O options to protect your livelihood and reputation from your unique workplace risks.

Do you want to learn more about protecting your law firm? Call us at 888-512-8878 for a quote on California liability insurance for lawyers.

Liability Insurance for California Professionals

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Published on: December 17, 2013

For cost effective professional liability insurance, California businesses and professionals can depend on Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance of Novato.

At Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance we strive to guarantee that our clients have the highest quality coverage strategies that they both need and deserve. We work hard to recognize extreme risk exposures that could put a strain on your business venture—one source of risk that requires specialized attention is Professional Liability.

As a professional, you know that liability is serious—it’s a crucial component to maintaining your business, your finances and your overall reputation within the community. For professionals in the specialized medical field, such as doctors, surgeons, dentists and chiropractors, this form of coverage is best known as malpractice insurance; while lawyers, accountants, architects and engineers have come to know this additional protection as professional liability insurance.

California professionals, like professionals across the globe, make mistakes. Even professionals who are equipped with the best employees, the best management team and have the best risk management practices in place have been known to make an error. No matter what type of business you are involved in or how specialized your services are, your coverage needs come down to one thing—if you are in the business of providing a service to your client for a fee, you are vulnerable to professional liability risks.

Having customized professional liability insurance in California will provide you with the protection needed in the event that your service resulted in physical, mental or financial loss for your client. Typically, professional liability will cover court fees and defense costs, even if the lawsuit you are battling is unwarranted.

Each business and every professional is different, which is exactly why your professional liability coverage should be unique. You’ve worked so hard to build a positive, credible reputation for yourself—why let it be exposed to liability risk?

Contact Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance today to learn more about your options for professional liability insurance in California.

Attention Attorneys: Build Your Brand

As a lawyer, building your reputation is half the battle. If your reputation is tarnished, you can guarantee that you will not have clients asking for your help, especially if you find yourself facing a malpractice suit. While having attorney malpractice insurance in place will come in handy, it is still best to avoid such an issue.

Another important duty: building your brand. By doing so, you may be able to leave a lasting impression on clients and in turn, build your clientele. Here are a three ways you can do so:

#1: Create a portfolio. Whether you put together a website or an online portfolio, you should be showcasing your best work. You can put together case studies or even ask satisfied clients for testimonials. By doing this, you will be proving to future clients that you are a hard and dedicated attorney.

#2: Attend and speak at local events. Have you considered attending legal conventions and conferences? Bonus points if you speak at them! This is a great networking opportunity and may help you sell your services.

#3: Get online. Take advantage of social sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This is an easy and free way to get your name out to the world and share your knowledge, advice and services.

So, are you ready to build your brand?

For lawyers who are looking to keep a good name intact, contact our agency. Our experts at Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency will analyze your situation and figure out which policies you should have in place for protection, from attorney malpractice insurance to liability coverage. You wouldn’t want a lawsuit ruining your reputation, would you?


5 Ways to Build Your Reputation

As an attorney, it is not secret that your reputation must be protected. Even the slightest mistake or issue could tarnish your name, which may lead to loss of clients or worse, a lawsuit. For those times you are faced with a suit, you have attorney malpractice insurance in place for back-up, but it is still best to avoid this! If you want to stay on top in your career, it is important that you are constantly building your reputation.

Need some help? Here are five ways to do so:

#1: Have a professional website designed. Giving clients a place to go to check out your services and accomplishments is essential. Have a professional put together a site that is classy and easy-to-navigate.

#2: Join social media sites. By creating a Twitter or Facebook account, you can start building your brand and gaining fans and followers. Post great content, helpful news articles and expert advice. This is a great way to make a name for yourself.

#3: Get to know your clients. It is important to build a relationship with your client, whether that means going to their home or visiting them in jail.

#4: Improve advertising efforts. How are you advertising your services? Whether you do this online with social media or film a television commercial, it is important to be doing SOMETHING!

#5: DOCUMENT! It’s impossible to have an easy client every time. For those times that you are dealing with a tough client, it is important that you document anything and everything that goes on. You never know when he or she will hold something against you. If you have documentation and proof, you will be able to protect your words and self!

A damaged reputation will not get you very far as a lawyer. The last thing you need is to lose clients and possibly your entire career due to a mistake or error! For these times, it is best to have attorney malpractice insurance in place. For more information on this policy, contact our insurance agency today!


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